Hidden Drawings

In the updated version there are 13 drawings and this is where they are!!! Hope it helps ­čśŤ

Drawing 1: Like Cut the Rope on Facebook from the drawing menu

Drawing 2: Located on Level 1-16 Cardboard Box

Drawing 3: Located on Level 2-18 Fabric Box

Drawing 4: Located on Level 3-3 Foil Box

Drawing 5: Located on 3-20 Foil Box

Drawing 6: Located on 4-14 Gift Box

Drawing 7: Located on 5-1 Cosmic Box

Drawing 8: Located on 5-15 Cosmic Box

Drawing 9: Located on 6-7 Valentine Box

Drawing 10: Located 7-3  Magic Box

Drawing 11: Located 7-21 Magic Box

Drawing 12: 8-17 Toy Box

Drawing 13: 9-21 Tool Box

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